G.Shane Dinkel for U.S.Congress


Too many Demoncrats have camped on Capitol Hill for far too long(Ron Wyden was there when I took this picture in 1984!)Term Limits Can Solve that PROBLEM!

When I returned to Oregon last spring, I yelled "FREEDOM!!!" as I crested the mountains south of Ashland. It was sooooo good to be home after four years of exile in the PDRC (People's Democratic Republic de California). After a few months though, I realised that the Demoncrats (AKA Socialists/Communists) had taken a lot of ground since I left. Portland and Eugene look like 3rd World cities with Pot Shops on every corner and homeless camped in every open space. Kommisar Kate and her 1% Elitist friends demand that we give up our guns, our plastic bags, our drinking straws,not to menton our right to assemble!, She has the legislature hog tied. Alright then. If a can't help save my beloved Oregon by being part of the State Government, I can as a U.S. Congressman (5th District).

Cristina & Remo