CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS AMENDMENT: 12 years is long enough for any job including Congress. 6 terms as a Rep, or 2 as a Senator, or any combination equaling 12 years. Pay for a Rep should equal that of an E-8, Senators 0-5, COLA for days in D.C. will be the same as DOD. BUT NO PENSION!

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The Economy of the U.S is Booming, but you would not know it in the 5th District because of Komisar Kate and her fellow Socialists (including Kurt Schrader), we have not moved forward with the rest of the country. If elected I will put forward a bill banning the export of raw logs from the U.S. and the import of large quantities of structural lumber.  I will push for minimizing the amount of ocean fishing preserves.  I will push for the expansion of hydro power, the cleanest and most abundant source of power in the N.W. 




Being a partially Disabled Veteran myself, I have been through the bureaucratic nightmare that is the claims process at the VA.  If elected I will not have a Veterans Rep. working for me.  I will have a special phone line that will go directly to me.  I will personally handle Congressional Inquiries MYSELF. 



I completely support to keep and bear arms!  During the time that the Constitution was written, there existed deadly weapons that had nothing to do with hunting:  hand grenades, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and the assault rifle of the day a weapon known as the blunderbuss.  NONE of these weapons were restricted by the Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution.  There is a move today to restrict all manner of the things related to firearms.  These restrictions are usually put forward by people who have never read the Constitution or fired a weapon.  As free Americans you and I have the right to own and bear any weapons that we can carry on our persons.  

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Bar Mitzvah Boy


I WILL SAY NO TO SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, AND SHARIA LAW! I personally have traveled to East Germany and to Iraq.  I have seen with my own eyes the total destruction caused by these evil ideologies. 

“RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”:  I will always fight for the right of every citizen to be born and not aborted.  I will fight for the right of every citizen to live out the American Dream without interference of the government, to worship their God in any way that they feel called too, and to love, educate, and guide their family in any way that they feel appropriate.


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